Land purchase loan paid off! But our work together continues…

Thanks to the generosity of our many Friends we have now paid back the bank loan which enabled us to buy the Friends of Bride’s Mound fields adjacent to the Bride’s Mound Chapel field (which is owned by Somerset County Council). We bought the land 18 years ago for £82,000 so this is a real achievement: thank you so much to everyone who has helped to make this happen!

Thank you also to all the wonderful Glastonbury Festival stewards whose work over many years has also made a big contribution to paying off the loan, as well as to everyone who has been involved in the sales of the Richard Whiting booklets, the Swan Circle books, and thanks also to Adam for giving us copies of his The Glastonbury Holy Thorn book to sell.

Our work, of course, continues. Our wonderful and tireless Land Manager, Miranda, continues to look after the land, increasingly focusing on our original goal of a nature reserve, and the entire committee works hard to keep the local community and visitors aware of, and connected with, this sacred site that we all love so much.

We invite you to continue, or to begin, your Friendship of Bride’s Mound firstly so we can repay the kind people who made a relatively modest interest free loan to pay off the last of the bank loan, saving us from escalating interest payments. And also to enable us to continue to manage the land with work such as essential hedge and tree maintenance, and also other essential costs of looking after land such as insurance.

As well as your financial help, the steady support of the many people who have remained Friends over the years is wonderful evidence of the love that both locals and visitors have for Bride’s Mound. The number of Friends is just the sort of statistic that councils and other such organisations take into account when deciding whether or not to support out work.

The Friends of Bride’s Mound is, and will always remain, a not for profit organisation (it is legally constituted that way) so you can be sure that all Friendship fees go to looking after the land, and nothing else. 

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